Run THUMBPAY on Mobile and Desktop/Laptop.

Download  THUMBPAY  App 




Proccess to Retailer Registration & Service Activation 

  1. Step :- Register from website 
  2. Step :- Fill your Profile and KYC details.
  3. Step :- Subscribe ID Package.
  4. Step :- Upload Document ( PAN , ADHAR , PASSPOSRT  SIZE PHOTO and CSP form ) after Login again.


How to run/install THUMBPAY on Desktop/Laptop ?

For Morpo Device  

  • Download Software from above  Dwonload .
  • if you have morpho : download click here > Extract from Zip > Install Exe File > install : MorphoRdServiceL0SoftSetup
  • after install back to folder and Test Your Devices with click on : MorphoRDServiceTestPage . Your Morpho instalation is completed.

For Mantra MS100 

  Click here to get our Bank account details   

  Click here to get Commission Chart  

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